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This is the Outdoor Movies that we had on September 22, 2011 at CBC (Columbia Basin College) in Pasco. We watched the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and The Hangover Part 2. We all had a pretty great time. There was free popcorn and lemonade and the people who set up the movie for us also took time to set up a Kinect. I shot this video on my little camera and it is short but fun! The little girl in this video was really rocking out! CBC’s ASB President Yesenia Lázaro is the girl with long brown hair and a red shirt dancing there in the middle. No one expected the Kinect and we all enjoyed it! This video was taken relatively early on in the evening; a good deal of people showed up and a lot of dancing went on before the first movie and during the intermission. The weather was awesome and we all had a great time just being with each other. It is difficult to build a cohesive community when you are in a Community College due to the nature of the college itself. It is just meant as a stopping gap, people don’t live on campus and everyone that can get a job works! This means socializing is not what it could be. However, CBC does a wonderful job of putting on events like these as often as possible and that is why our college is so much fun and a lot less isolating than other small colleges. There is a diverse group of students and faculty, both ethnicity and age wise and it makes for a great learning environment. I really enjoy CBC and this is one reason why!

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